Horsemanship is an ancient skill that has been passed down through generations for centuries. Our relationship to the environment and our bond with horses and livestock open a window into our own souls. It’s through training, patience, and effective communication that we strengthen these bonds, build meaningful relationships, and enhance our ranches.
• Develop horse to human communication through training

• Foster personal development through patience, education, and training
• Develop livestock to human communication through training

• Identifying opportunities to create ecological and livestock synergy for improved land management

• Foster ecological improvements through livestock
• Improve relationships with diverse groups of people

• Focus on personal development to achieve life goals

Chris Schachtschneider

Experienced and passionate, Chris has learned from some of the world’s greatest horse trainers and stockman; such as Martin and Wade Black, Dwight Hill, Steve Cote and Whit Hibbard. Chris has "Developed a unique ability to explain difficult concepts in an easy to understand manner." (according to Dr. Temple Grandin). Chris has been teaching horsemanship, stockmanship, and ranch roping for the past two years, as well as developing grazing management plans to better utilize livestock in landscape improvement.

Chris graduated from Washington State University in 2009 with an Animal Science degree with a Business minor. He worked for Washington Beef and the Agriculture Research Station in Pullman, WA before going back to school at University of Idaho. Chris completed his Rangeland Ecology and Management Master’s degree in 2016 with a project that evaluated how to utilize livestock to create and maintain fire breaks in Southern Idaho. Chris’ tenure at the University of Idaho opened his eyes to the potential of utilizing livestock to achieve rangeland management goals without extra inputs.

Chris currently works for Oregon State University as the Livestock and Natural Resource Extension Educator for Umatilla and Morrow Counties.


From the show ring, trail, and even the branding pen, horses can be taught valuable skills that guide both the animal and the rider. On a limited time basis, Lightning S Livestock Solutions offers premium horse training.
  • Starting: 60-120 days where the horse is given a solid foundation
  • Learns to accept leadership from the horseman
  • Acceptance of the saddle
  • Basic functionality of being ridden
  • Tune up/continuing education: Furthering a horse's education after starting
  • Improving communication and accepting leg cues
  • Transitioning to the bosal
  • Roping fundamentals
  • Problem horses: For horses struggling with acceptance of their rider and tasks of any fashion
  • Bucking with saddle and/or rider
  • Runaway
  • Rearing
  • Various other issues that make riding unpleasant

Workshops and Clinics

  • Teaching of the basics to improve communication with horse and rider, while increasing functionality for the job at hand
Ranch Roping
Roping is a unique art, deeply rooted in a tradition that embodies Western Culture.
  • Focused on safety, horsemanship, stockmanship and effectiveness
  • Teaching skills that add value to your horse
  • Teaching skills that reduce stress and sickness in your cow herd
  • * Roping is a great way to inspire the next generation of ranchers. We highly encourage youth to attend these workshops.
  • Improving livestock handling skills 
  • Increased ease while working with livestock
  • Ability to utilize livestock as a tool for landscape management
Grazing management Planning
  • Helping land managers define goals and answer the following questions:
  • Where we are?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How do we get there?
  • How do we know we are going in the right direction?
  • Creating grazing plans that can help achieve landscape goals 
  • Developing the stockmanship skills to implement grazing plan
Predator mitigation
  • Training cattle to be less vulnerable
*If you are in OR, These services will have to go through Oregon State University.
Assisting producers with comprehensive ranch management is the mission of Lightning S Livestock Solutions. Using a talented team of ranch and landscape experts, LSLS is poised to tackle any job imaginable.

Below is a list of services and issues LSLS can assist with. While this list is not comprehensive, we are eager to discuss and find solutions that can easily address your ranch needs and concerns. Please contact us when you are ready!
*If you are in OR, These services will have to go through Oregon State University.
Grazing management planing
  • Develop a grazing management plan
  • Identify ways to ensure success in grazing implementation (water, fencing, supplement)
  • Stockmanship training for better prescriptive management
Integration of livestock within farming enterprises
  • Rebuild soil holistically working with Mother Nature
Public land grazing
  • Assisting with the NEPA process
  • Working with Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management
  • Draft NEPA documents
  • Conflict resolution
Finance management
  • Develop a business plan
  • Fiscal planning and budgeting
  • Marketing management 
Monitoring development
  • Landscape
  • General landscape monitoring principles
  • What to monitor to achieve landscape goals
  • Developing a monitoring program that fits the needs of the individual
  • Training for whole ranch on monitoring principles and protocols
  • Livestock
  • With an industry focus of production, producers are continually pressured to increase inputs for meager gains. Lightning S Livestock Solutions works to focus on the synergistic opportunities that create true profitability
Ecological services
  • Landscape improvement projects
  • Do you have specific project you are working on? Lightning S Livestock Solutions can help make your dream a reality!
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